A concept of CRM approach to attract and retain the best customers


Principles to respect in the IT industry

Compliance with the requirements of the code of professionalism is an essential condition for the responsible use of IT and software in Netherlands. The various codes of professional ethics contain, for their part, articles on respect for professional secrecy and the necessary discretion in communications. 

To publicize professional services, it turns out that accuracy of information, respect for others and concern for the reputation of the profession are essential. Finally, all information concerning individuals cannot be made public without their consent. The main ethical principles to be respected which are autonomy, benevolence and justice apply to all professional behaviors in WordPress development. The principles fundamentals of responsible behavior when using IT therefore already exist. 

For to be able to comply, it is recommended to take the time to inform yourself adequately on the technologies that we want to use, on the risks inherent in their use as well as on the methods or solutions ensuring the prevention or reduction of these risks. No matter what use one makes of IT advantages, one should never lose sight of the fact that, without precautions particular, any electronic communication can be public, permanent and without geographic limits.

The proposed guidelines

Once these rules are known, how can you concretely ensure that they are respected in the daily gestures or in special situations during which the use of a technology appear to have an advantage? The proposed reflection process consists of:

1. Understand the operation and possibilities of the technology used.

2. Consider the risks of a scientific, ethical and normative nature.

3. Adopt the behavior that allows judicious, thoughtful and aware while avoiding the associated risks.

As technologies evolve rapidly, there are guidelines develop concrete practices to be favored by professionals, in particular in concerning the principles to be observed for obtaining consent before using WordPress for exchange information about a person.

Impact of the new IT on the CRM management

The evolution of technology and innovations have played a crucial role for Netherlands IT companies to help them produce more and faster. In the period of mass consumption, the companies had a massive production policy in order to respond to this strong request.

However, during this period competition became increasingly fierce and companies have had to rethink their strategy in order to stay productive. In addition, new business sectors have emerged and organizations have had to do proof of reactivity to stay in the race. It was then that customer relationship management really appeared in the business world. 

Indeed, each company had to find a way to keep its customers and to protect themselves from competition. The media certainly have a very significant impact on customer relations. However, it was essential to find new ways to get closer to its consumers. Internet, the great innovation of the 21st century will have a huge impact in terms of business / customer relationship thanks to a very easy communication.

Internet is a tool for connection

Indeed, the Internet is a tool allowing to connect to the whole world to anyone what time of day.

Today, via this tool, it is possible to receive emails from our favorite stores with increasingly personalized offers. It is possible to know all the news, promotions without having to go to the point of sale. But the Internet is not the only communication tool used in relationship management customer. 

Loyalty cards, mailing, private sales or telemarketing are still widely used by companies. Note that each of these tools can be complementary. In our work we will study the impact of new technologies on the relationship customer. For this we will define the concept of new technologies, then the concept of customer relationship management and finally, we will explain the impact of this news technologies on customer relationship management.

Customer relationship management

The term customer relationship management (known as CRM) appeared in Netherland IT sphere as a concept dates back to the early 1990s. Customer relationship management (CRM) is a marketing information system geared towards the customer.

CRM specialist use this approach that aims to identify, attract and retain the best customers to increase the value of the company’s customer capital. This new marketing consists in no longer considering the consumer as an element passive. It aims to strengthen communication between the company and its customers. 

Thanks to the activity CRM specialist the company can undertake to forge more lasting relationships with its customers. It seeks to show the customer that it is not a simple profitability instrument but that he is above all a human being.

The customer relationship is divided into several stages:

– 1st stage:

Pre-sale which consists of studying the market, that is to say the needs of customers and then canvass them. Then we analyze the responses obtained in order to more precisely meet the expectations of these customers.

– 2nd stage:

Customer relationship management values the customer, who likes to feel known and recognized of the company.

– 3d stage:

After sales includes providing assistance to the customer after purchase. These different stages are keys to the success of the customer relationship. The business must stay constantly on the lookout for its customers.