How to connect Airpods to Android phones?


How to connect Airpods to Android phones?


Airpods are a gift for every fan of games, quests, and virtual missions. The presence of a device helps to multiply the effectiveness of battles, to get trophies on the battlefields. If you buy headphones in a branded store, the gamer’s opponent will not have a chance to go unnoticed. Accessories are distinguished by good isolation, high-quality sound, have a removable or built-in microphone, thanks to which the person will constantly stay in touch with allies, clearly hear the approach of the enemy, and quickly repulse strikes.

Headset with Microphone – Features of Choice

Stylish android airpots from well-known brands guarantee clear voice transmission, reliable protection from extraneous sounds. The accessory is suitable for network quests, helps to achieve success in battles. Fans will be able to buy gaming headphones at an affordable price in the online store, noting:

  • comfortable fit;
  • affordable cost;
  • excellent build;
  • lack of discomfort.

Thinking about the question of which gaming headphones to buy, the customer pays attention to the presence of surround sound technology, the absence of creaking or backlash. High-quality models have a cord no shorter than 2 m. Products on a metal frame extend the life of the device, protecting the accessory from mechanical damage.

Headphones with a microphone are made with maximum ergonomics in mind. Due to the high-frequency range, the sensitivity of the devices, you can listen to deep bass, middle, high range without distortion. The microphone is considered an indispensable structural element that allows you to always stay in touch, to conduct secret negotiations with like-minded people. Noise suppression function, dense ear cushions will allow combat associates to hear only the owner of the device.

The Way of Connecting Android Airpods

If the computer is equipped with a Bluetooth adapter, then headphones or any other wireless devices are connected to it practically without user intervention – in automatic mode. Usually, it is enough just to turn on the function of pairing with the Bluetooth adapter of the PC on the headphones by pressing a certain button or switching the switch (depending on the type and model of equipment), then instructing the operating system to connect.

It is with this that users may have difficulties. Let’s consider how the headphones are connected to the computer using standard means. Any portable computers – laptops, netbooks, etc. – supplied from the factory with a wireless Bluetooth adapter. In the case of stationary PCs, this is not always the case. Therefore, the first step to connecting Bluetooth headphones to your computer will be to determine if this adapter is available.

The absence of the icon may mean that the computer does not have a Bluetooth adapter, it was turned off by software, or its driver or the program responsible for device management is not installed in the system. If you know for sure that there is a wireless module in your PC, it may be necessary to activate it in the “Device Manager” and/or install/reinstall the driver. Read more about this in the article already mentioned above.

Everything is simple here – examine the headphones and find a button or switch in their design, usually marked with an icon with a picture of Bluetooth technology. The switch/button can be equipped with an LED that starts blinking when the radio module is turned on, and then, when the device is successfully connected to the computer, it goes out or lights up constantly.